The Emotional Guidance Scale

Expect the unexpected. Right smack on a January full moon, a German-American acquaintance blurted out that he doesn’t like my positivity. What does that mean?

So, I was reflecting back on what I knew about emotions. When I saw this chart years ago, I realized that (e)motion is energy in motion. They have certain frequencies that either bring us up to feel lighter or bring us down to feel heavier every single moment. They come in big waves too based on our reality filter and triggers.

Of course, I’ve been through the lower emotional states for years. It took me so many books to read and so many psycho-spiritual classes to enroll just to open and start unraveling my shadow aspect. It’s not the best place to be stuck forever but it’s a good start to dive deep into our traumas both in this life and in the past.

One of the meditations for soul realization that I still hold very dear until today is from Pranic Healing’s Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul of Master Choa Kok Sui.

I AM not the Body. I AM not the Emotion.
I AM not the Thought. I AM not the Mind;
The mind is only a subtle instrument of the Soul.
I AM the Soul.

I AM a Spiritual Being of Divine Intelligence, Divine Love, Divine Power.
I AM one with my Higher Soul. I AM THAT I AM

I AM one with the Divine Spark within me,
I AM connected with God.
I AM one with God. I AM one with All.

After all, we are vibrational beings absorbing and channeling life force from all around and through us. It feels reassuring that with God’s grace and support, we can go up to our higher emotional states as our human minds, hearts and wills follow only the path of love and wisdom, good and true.

To you my beloved friend, we’re probably off on a tangent here but thank your reminding me that awareness is a gift and choice is a responsibility. I’m definitely a work-in-progress yet I look forward everyday waking up feeling better than yesterday!

“Happiness does not depend on what you have or who you are, it solely relies on what you think.”

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