The 9th Insight – The Emerging Culture

We just gave you a brief summary on The Nine Insights. Next, let’s dive into the exercise from The Celestine Prophecy: An Experiential Guide by James Redfield and Carol Adrienne.

Staying in the Present (Page 271)
Live the Eight Insights
You are part of the evolutionary acceleration. Like so many of us, you might become excited about the vision of the future and want to be there now. The key is to be here now and to use the eight Insights in daily life.

In every workplace, in every discipline, you will encounter some resistance or fear of change as well as support and agreement. The key is to keep alert for coincidences and messages, ask questions and act from inner guidance, be willing to speak the truth in power struggles, and keep energy high through contact with nature and beauty.

Open to New Abilities
Keep Growing
Much of the focus of the Manuscript is on energy — acknowledging it, seeing it, listening to it, staying centered in it, and building it. Notice what energy disciplines attract you. Many of you might want to change careers or simply deepen your knowledge or ability in a new field. Virtually all fields work with energy in one way or another. For example,

  • The healing of the future might very well be focused on vibrational shifting using sound, light, movement, and mental imagery as well as shamanic methods.
  • Nutrition and agriculture have been impacted widely by psychic energy work as well as biological and ecological principles.
  • Psychology is widening its parameters to include hypnosis and past-life regression work to uncover deeply held experiences.
  • Education is wide open for more self-empowering methods to help children fulfill their destiny and participate in evolution.
  • The design of workplaces and homes is undergoing changes with the introduction of color psychology, ergonomics and even Feng Shui — the ancient Chinese system of spatial energy dynamics.
  • Spiritual groups and communities, recovery groups and the revitalization of religious congregations all offer expanded opportunities to participate in the web of evolution.
  • Martial arts, dance and movement disciplines build personal well-being and power.

Let your intuition show you the way and be willing to follow through with action.

Use Imagination to Create New Opportunities (Page 272)
The Personal Journey
What would you rather be doing? Often we feel restless and don’t know what we really want? Describe in your journal one or more ideal lives that you would like to live. Be really big in your thinking. Use the following questions to help you imagine a new life:

  • Who (Who are the people you see yourself with? Artists? Musicians? Business executives? Healers? What kind of family setting do you see?)
  • What (What kind of occupation do you like? Adventurous? Teaching? Healing? Promoting?)
  • When (How far away does this ideal life seem? When could you make one small step toward it?)
  • Where (Where do you want to be? Large city? Europe? Mountains? Desert?)

Shift Your Perspective (Page 273)
If you have a strong desire to give more meaning and breadth to your life, consider the following points that Robert Monroe gleaned from his out-of-body-experiences.

  • Know that you are more than your physical body.
  • Remember that you are here to do certain things but don’t let your need to survive make you desperate. Your ultimate goal is not physical survival.
  • Understand that you are here on Earth by choice. When you have satisfied your purpose in learning, you may leave.
  • Perceive the world as what it really is — a place to learn.
  • Participate and enjoy your life as fully as you can but don’t be addicted to it.

As you integrate these ideas into your thinking, notice any changes in your personal goals or in your interactions with others.

“So now, the stage is set. Feel your own heart beating in your chest. This life’s not over yet.”
David Wilcox

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