The 8th Insight – The Interpersonal Ethic: A New Perspective On Relationships

We just gave you a brief summary on The Nine Insights. Next, let’s dive into the exercise from The Celestine Prophecy: An Experiential Guide by James Redfield and Carol Adrienne.

Use a New Approach with People (Page 232)
Use the following points as guidelines as you practice this new behavior. There is no one right way to be a fully energized human being, so learn from your own experience!

Feeling Energized

  • Start your day with the intention of being alert for messages.
  • Before you leave the house, take 5 or 10 minutes to center yourself, concentrating on your breathing. Imagine yourself filled with light radiating out for at least 1 or 2 minutes. Imagine yourself as part of a circle of incoming and outgoing energy.
  • Throughout the day, connect with the beauty in your environment as often as you can.

Energizing Others

  • As you meet and talk with people, see beyond their ordinary face, to the glory of their spiritual essence. Focus on their unique qualities.
  • As you listen to them, give them your complete attention. Project energy to them as they speak.
  • Remember that their higher self has a message for you and you can assist them in giving it by filling them with energy.

Receiving Messages

  • Listen internally for any questions or remarks that occur to you to ask others. It  could trigger an important exchange of information.
  • If you feel energized around this person, you probably have an important connection.
  • If you feel drained around someone, rethink what this relationship is offering you. Review the codependency themes and warning signs.
  • Notice what thoughts occur to you after conversations.
  • What changes do you see in your life or you relationships as you practice these new behaviors?

Warning Signs of Codependency (Page 236)
As you evolve, particularly in the beginning , you must continually test yourself on where you are placing your focus in order to keep you spiritual center. Ask yourself:

  • Am I constantly thinking about another person?
  • Am I trying to get the attention of someone else all the time?
  • Do I attract needy people?
  • Do I get self-worth from solving problems for others?
  • Do I minimize my needs and wants?
  • Do I often defer my plans?
  • Am I always checking up on others?
  • Does the behavior of someone else make me try to control this situation and make up for that person’s problems?
  • Do I feel bad because of what others do?
  • Am I involved in a power struggle with someone?
  • Do I feel depressed when I’m alone? Do I avoid spending much time alone?
  • Can I stay clear about my own goals?
  • Do I dismiss my own coincidences when I am in a relationship so that I won’t upset the status quo?

There are no easy answers for making transformations. If you feel that a relationship with a parent, child, spouse or friend is dominating your life, you can make changes no matter how long this relationship has been going on.

“We, humans, have always sought to increase our personal energy in the only manner we have known, by seeking to psychologically steal it from the others — an unconscious competition that underlies all human conflict in the world.”
James Redfield

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