The 7th Insight – Engaging The Flow

We just gave you a brief summary on The Nine Insights. Next, let’s dive into the exercise from The Celestine Prophecy: An Experiential Guide by James Redfield and Carol Adrienne.

How to Engage the Flow of Evolution (Page 193)

Keep Energy Strong

  • Be open and feel love coming in.
  • Observe beauty to increase energy.
  • Stop as often as necessary to build energy.
  • Stay in a state of love as much as possible.

Ask for Answers

  • Center yourself in the present.
  • Remember your core life question (from parents).
  • State clearly what your current questions are.
  • Keep these in the forefront of your attention. Watch your thoughts and dreams.

Stay Alert

  • Take an observer point of view as if you are watching a mystery unravel (this helps you release the need to control).
  • Notice if something is brighter or more colorful as a signal to help you make a choice.
  • Notice thoughts and hunches (this is information your now need to know).
  • Compare your dreams to your present situation and see what they reveal that you are overlooking or missing.
  • if you do not understand the information you are receiving or don’t seem to be getting any, make sure you re asking the right question. Ask another question.

Probe Coincidences

  • Notice how coincidences fill you with energy.
  • What is the coincidence bringing into awareness?
  • Is there further work to be done with this person?
  • If you have a hunch about something or recurring thoughts, become alert for the next coincidence or message. It usually moves you in the direction of the thought or hunch.

Send Energy to Others

  • Give your full attention and energy to those you meet because they all have a message for you, and you for them.
  • Remember that you don’t have to use your control drama to compete for energy.
  • Remember that the energy flowing out of your creates a current that pulls energy into you at the same rate, so you are continuously replenished.

How to Gather Information to Make a Decision

Trial Runs or Question and Answer — Learning to Read the Signs (Page 197)
Another method you might try is to make a trial decision and see what kind of feedback you get. For example, if you want to change jobs, tell your friends and family of your decision to look for something new. Notice what happens. Do you get support from people? Does life flow better in small ways? Does something pertaining to your question arrive in the mail? Do you get little reinforcements from the universe that this is right decision? Or do you experience small “misfortunes” like stubbing your toes, getting a ticket, losing your wallet, getting sick or other events that seem to indicate a “no”?

However, be careful not to make events more meaningful than they are.  The meaningfulness of synchronistic events occurs to us almost immediately and shouldn’t require belabored analysis. If there is a meaning trying to come through, you get the other messages. Stay in the moment.

Purpose in Action (Page 198)
As you increase self-awareness , it will be second nature to take a broader view of events and activities. At any time you can ask yourself:

  • What is another possible meaning behind this event or activity?
  • How is it related to a larger purpose?
  • How am I contributing to others?
  • Do I feel energized by this activity?
  • How high a priority is this?

The more you exercise this type of reflective information-gathering, the more you will discover about your life purpose. The work you are here to do might not be summed up with a particular title on the office door.

Gratitude and Acknowledgement
When you have a creative breakthrough, acknowledge it and give yourself credit for whatever your part in it was. The more you believe in yourself as being whole, intact and creative, the more you will feel you are fulfilling your life purpose. Expressing gratitude for the large and small gifts you receive each day helps you stay tuned to the present and helps habits of worry and pessimism.

Forgiveness (Page 199)
If you are feeling really stuck or locked into a power struggle, step back a little and try to look at the big picture. Ask yourself: Am I willing or able to forgive the people involved, including myself? Once you make the decision to forgive, it will become clear whom you are forgiving and how to do it.

Getting It Right
Sometimes we fall into thinking that if we can just find that one big answer, or reach that one large accomplishment, miracles will happen and we will have “succeeded”. Open yourself to all the weird and wonderful things of your life and love and accept yourself exactly as you are right now.

Taking the Observer Position
When a thought comes, get into the habit of asking yourself why. Why does this thought come now? How does it relate to my question? Taking the observer position releases our need to control everything and places us in the flow of evolution.

Attracting Messages (Page 200)
When we try to demand an answer or remain aloof, we create competition between ourselves and others which stops them from giving us a message. To attract more messages, remember to stay open to discovering what wants to happen now. Give others energy and assume that you met them for a reason at this moment.  If a coincidence happens, spend a few minutes asking:

  • What just happened?
  • How does it relate to any questions I am asking myself right now?
  • Do I need to follow through on anything from this?

Silver Lining Work
To stay engaged in the flow, it will be necessary to pay close attention to events that seem negative. Setbacks, disappointments, frustrations and even traffic tickets might have an important message for you. Anytime you experience a really unnerving situation, take a few quiet moments to write down your thoughts and feelings about it. Play around with possible silver linings. Ask yourself:

  • How can this loss serve me?
  • How does this setback relate to my life question?
  • How can I see it in a different way?
  • If there is a positive intention in everything, what is positive here?
  • What am I really trying to accomplish?

Dream Work (Page 201)
If you are faced with difficult decision, try asking for a clarifying dream each night as you drift off to sleep. To encourage your subconscious to respond, keep your journal and a pen near your bed so you can record dream information.  The following method might be useful but feel free to improvise in any way that works for you. Answer these questions in your journal:

  • What are the main points of the dream?
  • What details seem significant? Why?
  • What is a one-sentence title for this dream?
  • What is a one-word title for this dream?
  • What happens in the beginning?
  • What actions are taken?
  • Who is in the dream?
  • If the people in the dream were parts of yourself,  what would they be telling you?
  • What is the overall tone of the dream?
  • How does this dream compare to your life right now?
  • What is the dream telling you about your life that you might be overlooking?
  • What is the outcome of the dream?
  • If you were to live the dream in real life, what would you do differently?

Dreams often tell us the same message in different ways over time. Like intuition they are insistent and persistent.

“We must assume every event has significance and contains a message that pertains to our questions. This especially applies to what we used to call bad things. The challenge is to find the silver lining in every event, no matter how negative.”
James Redfield

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