The 5th Insight – The Message of the Mystics

We just gave you a brief summary on The Nine Insights. Next, let’s dive into the exercise from The Celestine Prophecy: An Experiential Guide by James Redfield and Carol Adrienne.

Morning Intention (Page 129)
A few minutes before you get out of bed, allow yourself to find the center within your body. Silently or aloud, state your intention for the day. With eyes closed, imagine a ball of light in the middle of your forehead. Allow it to expand throughout your whole body and into your world. As you send this light out into all areas of your life, feel the serenity of knowing that you are alive and on purpose.

Morning Sounds (Page 130)
If you live alone, this is easy to do when you arise. If you live with others, you might want to do this in the shower.

Upon waking, begin making any kind of sound that wants to come out of you. Don’t worry if the first few sounds are rather ugly or guttural. Keep expressing the sound and begin to follow it with your attention as it goes up and down. Gradually, it will start to change, rising and clearing. Continue the clear sound for a few minutes and notice how your day goes.

Breathing Practice
Remember that you exist in a universe of pure energy. At any time during the day, even in an important meeting, you have this energy completely available to you if you remain open.

Pay attention to your body frequently during the day and take opportunities to breathe consciously. In these moments, draw in fresh air deeply into your whole body. Imagine the healing and energizing exchange of air taking place in your lungs and bloodstream. Imagine that you are inflating your body with energy of the universe. Feel yourself open up and expand. Conscious breathing will center you no matter what is happening.

Evening Practice
After arriving home in the evening, take five minutes or more to listen to some rhythmic sounds such as drumming, chanting or other non-vocal music that is stimulating but relaxing. Begin to move your body to the rhythm for a few minutes, letting all tension and daily concerns flow out of your body. If you have time, any kind of stretching exercise is an invaluable tension releaser to energize you for the rest of your evening. Start by doing this practice one day a week, adding days as your wish.

Bedtime Practice (Page 131)
Before going to sleep, bring your attention to the center within your body. Acknowledge yourself for whatever small steps or things that you did today and express gratitude for all that you received. If you need clarification on something, ask that clear information come through your dreams. This practice is best done on a daily basis.

“Where attention goes, energy flows. Where intention goes, energy flows.”
James Redfield

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