The 3rd Insight – A Matter of Energy

We just gave you a brief summary on The Nine Insights. Next, let’s dive into the exercise from The Celestine Prophecy: An Experiential Guide by James Redfield and Carol Adrienne.

Increasing Appreciation of Beauty (Page 74)
For the next month or two, make a point of visiting a park, church or temple (especially when it’s empty and quiet) or an art museum. How do you feel? Make  a point of connecting with something beautiful in nature each day. Look at a flower up close.

Connecting with Energy (Page 74)
I. Seeing Energy in Nature
How long has it been since you went into a forest or even a park? Maybe you live by a river, lake, or the ocean but never have time to go there. Make a date with yourself for some period of refreshment in nature.

When your are in nature, try an experiment. Sit down somewhere comfortably and focus your attention on the beauty fit the forms of a special tree or plant. Does one plant seem more beautiful than another?

And if you want to see the radiant band of light around a tree or plant, the best times of the day are probably at dawn and sunset. Soften the focus of your eye as you gaze at the outer edges of the plant. Sit quietly and see this living being in all its grandeur. Breathe in the beauty and fill your being with it. Let your body expand with all the beauty you feel.

II. Seeing Energy around People or Plants
It is easier to see energy fields if you soft-focus the details of a form or face. In a room, keep the light dim and place the person or object against a fully dark background. Try looking at the outline of a friend against the sky to see the radiating band of light surrounding the body. In either case, squint your eyes to blur your vision slightly.

III. Feeling the Energy in Your Hands
Briskly rub the palms of your hands together for one or two minutes. Cup your two palms facing each other and feel the tingling sensation in the space between them. Slightly increase and decrease the space between your palms. Imagine you have a ball of radiant light in this space. Feel its presence and density as you move your hands slightly. Your can place this energy by focusing awareness somewhere in your body and let it energize or heal you.

Building Energy at Home (Page 76)
Once you start to become aware of the various energy shifts in your body, you will be more likely to choose to increase your vitality in ways that feel appropriate for the moment. Raising energy need not be complicated or cost anything. Energy increases when you are fully present.

You may opt to try the following:

  • Consciously breathing energy into all parts of your body.
  • Doing 15-minute yoga stretching.
  • Listening to a favorite environmental tape of nature sounds or drumming.
  • Taking time to admire a view from your home or neighborhood.
  • Meditating to quiet the mind and the bathing yourself in inner light.
  • Gardening
  • Dancing

Increasing Energy at Work (Page 77)
You may opt to try the following:

  • Get centered. Imagine being connected to the energy from the earth and from the sky.
  • Keep personally meaningful objects such as poster, photos and positive affirmations or spiritual quotations on your desk.
  • Take a 5-,minute stretch break every couple of hours.
  • Water a plant very slowly and listen to the sound of the water.
  • Keep fresh flowers on your desk and breathe in their beauty for a few minutes.
  • Play your favorite environmental tape of nature sounds, if appropriate in your workplace.

“The things that we perceive as beautiful may be different, but the actual characteristics we ascribe to beautiful objects are similar. Think about it. When something strikes us as beautiful, it displays more presence and sharpness of shape and vividness of color, doesn’t it? It stands out. It shines. It seems almost iridescent compared to the dullness of other objects less attractive.”
James Redfield

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