The Pyramid vs Dome Power

All life is sacred and all of life is geometric. Thus, geometry is the foundation of all of life. Geometry is the universal language of creation and the structure of our universe.

So, what’s the the structural relationship between the Pyramidal and the Geodesic or Dome? We would see it in this manner: that both would bring into play great sources, great forces, great pulls of energy.

  • The Pyramidal shape would concentrate that energy, bring it to a point and point toward the Law of One.

What’s the secret power of the Pyramid? 
The very shape of the Pyramid is an amplified-receiver (resonator) of various kinds of energy fields surrounding our planet (electromagnetic waves, cosmic rays, electrical discharges, gravitational waves, etc.). This interaction with known as well as with yet to be discovered forms of energy creates the so-called Pyramid Effect. Pyramid creates a spherical field of harmonic vibrations around itself. Everything within that field begins moving towards harmony.

Since Pyramid Power is considered to have supernatural or paranormal properties, no wonder, many people experience feelings ranging from calmness to extreme euphoria during their meditation sessions.

  • The Geodesic or Dome shape would spread that energy that is concentrated in its center over a wider force-field.

What’s the secret power of the Geodesic or Dome?
A Dome is an architectural structure that is built to resemble the hollow upper half of a sphere. Domes are a common feature of constructions all around the world but they are most often used for religious structures. This is no coincidence as domes are believed to have the unique ability to accumulate the energy of a place and being a holy place, the energies are bound to be peaceful and calming. It is this accumulated energy that is able to provide people the feeling of comfort, lightness and rejuvenation.

Since Domes are multidimensional Pyramids, their Pyramid Power is at its finest and are efficient extensions of containing and transferring these nourishing energies.

Hence, energy is an element that provides us with the pace required for a fast life, and at the same time, is also capable of showering us with peace and harmony.

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