How to Prepare for 5G & Chemtrails?

Pure Earth Project is a voluntary initiative to revitalize nature and Mother Earth through environmental restoration projects. It focuses on installing energy purification devices (e.g. chembusters, orgonites, agnihotra mudballs, etc.) to neutralize the effects of chemtrails, unnatural calamities, cell towers, and other harmful influences.

Partnership with Pure Earth Project 

When we started Orgonise Maharlika PH way back 2015, we were already learning the dangers of WiFi and chemtrails. Because only a handful of our friends notice it happening in their cities, we got into panic mode! Plus, there were / are no local case studies and health impact data to back us up, it was / is still not easy to spread the dangers of EMF radiation around us and chemical toxicity sprayed over us. Until then, this won’t be part of the every Filipino’s health concern.

Fast forward today, the urge to answer the call has always been there. Through our partnership with Pure Earth Project, we are helping them distribute Orgonite Chembusters in the Philippines (and abroad, if requested).

The Dangers of Cell Towers


The Dangers of Chemtrails

Proposed Solution

Additional information:

  • The base orgonite is made of crystals, brass, aluminum, copper, agnihotra ash, himalayan salt, and resin.
  • The pointed crystals inside are made of crushed crystals with agnihotra ash and resin.
  • The pipes are stainless steel. Copper pipe version is also available but a lot more pricey (though energy output is better).

Suggested Action Plans

You may further contribute to the project by:
Purchasing and installing a unit at your home / office / school,
Donating to support the project, and or
– Looking for prospective locations / hosts.

Please consider your purchase or donation to the project as a contribution for healing Mother Earth. And by supporting this project, you have benefited Mother Earth and its inhabitants tremendously! 

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