Selecting, Activating and Maintaining Orgonites

What is an Orgonite?
An Orgonite (aka orgone energy devices) is a mixture of resin (like fiberglass or urethane), precious metals (like gold or copper) and organic materials (like crystals) where all its individual properties unite and synchronize their energies, creating a unique force field that transmutes Deadly Orgone (DOR) into Positive Orgone energy (POR). The harmful effects of electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation are thereby mitigated.

This technology was originally proposed by Wilhelm Reich in the 1930s after being influenced by the work of Sigmund Freud. Orgone is another name for the ubiquitous, cosmic energy found throughout nature and in all living things. It is Prana, Chi or  the Life Force.

How to select Orgonites?
1. Use your intuition to guide you. Ask yourself, “What do I want to bring into my life?”

2. Set a goal and intention.

How to activate Orgonites?
1. Be with the your Orgonites 
for 21 days.
For faster results, program the crystals inside your Orgonites to do what you want them to do based upon the metaphysical properties of the gemstones.

If you’re not not sure what you need, you can hold your Orgonites one at a time in your left hand (receiving side) and ask it to do a diagnosis and carry out the healing necessary.

If you do not program it, you will still get many benefits because the crystals will tune in to both your conscious and unconscious intentions.

2. Experience the results.

You may check WikiHow’s Orgonite Guide and Science and Spirit’s Orgonite Video for more info too.

How to maintain Orgonites?
1. Prolonged exposure of Orgonites under direct sunlight is not advisable.

2. Orgonites contain various crystals, however it is neither necessary to clear nor charge the gemstones. These actions are accomplished automatically and non-stop by the constant flow of positive orgone energy in and out of it.

3. Remember that programming Orgonites will give an enhanced, personal healing experience.

We encourage you to check My 365 Days with Orgonites for a sneak preview of the OM founder-curator‘s experience.

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