5 Ideas to Supercharge Your Healing Tools

How are we responsible of our health in the 21st century?
One way is through supercharging our healing tools — jewelry, oils, supplements even food and water — with the life force energy using Orgone Charging Plates. It’s important today to energetically clean, charge, activate and program what we consume for the highest good of our well-being.

Definitely, there’s so many possibilities but we’ll give you a few ideas to start with.

Both CRYSTALS AND JEWELRY will be cleared and recharged on top of the Orgone Charging Plates. In 1 hour, it will clean them from negative emotions and power them back to their best conditions ready for your next use.

When you use ESSENTIAL OILS, the Orgone Charging Plates will dramatically enhance their healing properties. It goes well with MASSAGE OILS too. Charging them for 5 minutes will allow high vibration energy to be transferred to you during the session.

increase their potency and effectiveness when placing them on Orgone Charging Plates for up to 1 hour before consumption. When not charging other items, keep them on the plates longer.

Charging FOOD on Orgone Charging Plates replaces its energy lost in growing, picking, packaging, cooking and shipping. They may be fresh, cooked, canned, bottled, packaged, boxed, in bags or bowls, whatever container you have —  any food within will become charged until consumed.

Place a jug or glass of WATER on Orgone Charging Plates for 24 hours. Use this water for drinking, cooking, bathing, watering your plants and feeding pets. It will be the best tasting water ever.

Now, you can explore and have fun energizing everything around you. It’s a must-try!

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