How My Sensitive Nose Led Me Back to dōTERRA

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dōTERRA Family Essentials Kit

Since my family has been running and franchising day spas in the Philippines for 15 years now, one of my passions is to always look for service improvements for our loyal patrons.

There was a time when my sisters and I were learning aromatherapy and its healing potentials to enhance our mood and emotions. So, we got excited to experiment and infuse essential oil blends to as many in-house spa supplies as we can. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find quality producers locally, as we prefer to source only within country. Thus, we gave up and forgot this improvement project.

Fast forward to 2016, a Norwegian acquaintance introduced me to dōTERRA Essential Oils and sent me samples all the way from Europe. I was impressed with its potency and pureness but was super skeptical to be part of another MLM business (yes, here we go again…) and market it to Filipinos. I personally found it expensive and never heard anyone talked about it, at least in Cebu, as well. Thus, I gave up and forgot this business offer.

During the whole summer here in Sweden though, I found myself sniffing a lot of the lavender plants in the garden of Ängsbacka. I also suddenly noticed an abandoned dōTERRA Lavender at home. From that day on, I only drink lavender-infused water until I finished the whole 15ml bottle last week. I feel it works in its own mysterious ways and I am ready to explore new scents. 

After more than 2 years, I totally have a fresh perspective on dōTERRA’s products today. Finally, a couple of nights ago, I surprised my Norwegian acquaintance with my enrollment under his account (with no contact, no qualms at all) and ordered my first kit to be shipped to my address in Estonia.

To all my family and friends, you can order or be a member (to get 25% off from the retail price) thru my page and dōTERRA ships directly to you. 

For more info, check and or message me!

Disclaimer: I am perfectly happy to use dōTERRA for myself and or assist anyone who wants to experience the wide variety of dōTERRA blends. 😘


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