Green Tummy: My Vegan Dreams

My 10-year concept in the making for a Philippine food revolution has been close to my heart ever since. It’s brewing and waiting for resonance from the communities around so I can finally make it happen. I am envisioning to operate a chain of vegan restaurants and cooking schools to help transition Filipinos to eat better and feel better on a plant-based and ethical diet.

Why am I okay patiently waiting? Because it took me a long time also to embody my aspirations. I have to live the lifestyle first before I can preach. I have an on and off diet transition from flexitarian to vegetarian. Hopefully, by 2017, I’ll go strictly vegan!

So, let me share to you my abstract idea on Green Tummy with a commissioned logo from artist friend, Raz Salvarita of Gugma Gaia.

A a taste of positive delight!

What comes to mind upon seeing the logo is an orange fruit. But it’s more than just an orange fruit. It’s a shape of a tummy of a person. The letter G is quite conspicuous together with the letter t, which symbolizes the + sign or the positive sign (for positive well-being). The green leaf represents nature shaped like lips kissing the fruit as essence of delight for GMO-free products feeling a great satisfaction in supporting vegan lifestyle.

The ee and mm are highlighted in green. When you combine all the letters, you get the word eemm — the sound of satisfaction.

Positive-filled vegan food, prepared with positive attitude
helps create positive well-being.

Green Tummy is geared towards your top vegan restaurant of choice to those who practice and believe in conscious consumption.

Green Tummy believes in the importance of supporting our local vegetable products that are fairly-traded, organically grown, and at least within 100 km radius from source to minimize carbon footprint.

Green Tummy satisfies one’s taste bud with ingredients that have positive stories to tell.

There’s so much potential on the vegan global movement. It has impeccable results to our health, happiness and habitat. For now, I’ll keep on holding my vision until the Philippines is ready to step up for our collective healing.

 “Do you know why most survivors of the Holocaust are vegan? It’s because they know what it’s like to be treated like an animal.”
Chuck Palahniuk

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