Co-creating in FabLabs

From the medieval times, artisanship used to be about practicing a trade or handicraft using simple, manual tools. Through experience and aptitude, the makers reach their expressive levels of an artist they are either business owners (mentors) or apprentices (mentees) who learn from the masters.

Since industrial revolution, we move towards mass production without realizing how machines can automate our lives and halt our soul’s becoming process. We became too mental and disconnected from our emotions and bodies. That’s why most institutions today operate with left-brain power of facts, logic and systems.

And if we look back in our past and look forward in our future, what is our next right move to deeply connect again to our individual expression and collective purpose? Maybe it’s time to integrate with our right-brain power of feelings, imagination and intuition. Perhaps, design thinking is the 21st century artisanship.

While technology is seeping through us with tools that bring precision and speed, we can always choose to use it for the highest good. That’s why I joined Fablab Cebu’s 3D printing workshop on jewelry design. I had to explore possibilities on our orgonite-making process.

What I like about Fab Lab? They aim to provide a global network of open-sourced, project-based, hands-on education platform for authentic, engaging, contextualized cycles of imagination, design, prototyping, reflection, and iteration in finding solutions to challenges and bring ideas to life.

This collaborative movement among makers, innovators, entrepreneurs and educators has a huge potential to empower everyone to be part of the solution. We can definitely act local and think global. It’s time to step up. I urge you to locate your city’s Fab Lab and unleash your creative potential. Enjoy!

 “Creativity is intelligence having fun.”
Albert Einstein

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