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5G EMF Guard Orgonite Kit

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5G EMF Guard Kit w/ Pendant
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Product Details
Product Details

The 5G EMF Guard Orgone Kit mitigates harmful radiation effects of all kinds, reverses genetic damage from harmful EMF, transmutes deadly orgone emitted by Wi-Fi signals, assists the balance of mind and body, a strong talisman against poisoning.

This is powered by shungite, volcanic ash, iron pyrite, malachite, black tourmaline, amethyst, unakite jasper, clear quartz, and copper coil.

  1. 5G EMF Guard (for phones / tablets)

  2. 5G Wi-Fi Buddy (for routers)

  3. 5G EMF Guard Triskelion Pendant
    We also have 10 other models to choose from. Each unique amulet assists us in various ways for boosting your health, wealth, protection, mental capacity, communications, and a lot more!

  4. Life Force Generator
    A proven effective method of rejuvenating lost energy by super-energizing liquids, foods, crystals and any living thing. It rejuvenates lost energies in foods, restructures water at the molecular level, clears and charges any gem or crystal, energizes hand chakras for healers, increases the power of homeopathic remedies, etc. This is powered by green aventurine, amethyst, rose quartz, iron pyrite, clear quartz, and copper coil.

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